Coaching and Games Development

Long Term Strategic Plan

This is the 2nd year of our 5 year plan to improve our underage structures within the club. Our primary objective as a Club is to try to “Leave No Child Behind”. We want all our players to have as much fun in a safe environment where they can develop their football skills but also holistically. We want our young players to continue playing into adulthood and become active members long after their playing days with a deep loyalty to the Club.

We are working towards a goal where we can say: “Our underage structure is one of the best in Ireland”. As part of our coaching philosophy we will prioritise long term development over short term results and focus on the long-term development of your son or daughters potential. The score line is not the only measure of success.
Red Hugh’s have massive potential as a football club/community to compete at the highest level. We see our same children flourish in athletics at Finn Valley AC, being selected on elite soccer squads. . We need to address our approach to our coaching philosophy and approach to allow our children the opportunity to develop their Gaelic football skills individually and as a team. No doubt this will enrich our community where children can come and enjoy playing Gaelic football in an environment that is organised and fun. We need to invest in our youth so our youth and future generations will reap the benefits. Our biggest challenge over time will be to continue with the same enthusiasm as we have now. We need to change the overall culture within the club where we strive for excellence. Finally we need a credible plan to execute. We have excellent people working tirelessly behind the scenes to achieve this which will take time to implement and most importantly it takes commitment and a lot of more help.