Additional Guidance

Below is some useful guidance and further reading to help you be aware of your role and responsibilities

Health and Safety 

Within this section you will find resources for clubs relating to Health and Wellness. It is important that as clubs you can offer your members the advice they need on some important issues. Ulster GAA are here to support clubs in the delivery of Health and Wellness initiatives.

Club Health & Wellness Policy

Club H & W Policy

Club Health & Wellness Policy

Club H & W Policy

Role Of Club H&W Officer

Club Health & Wellness Officer – Role Description

Cardiac Screening Questionnaire

GAA Cardiac Screening Protocol

Defibrillator guidelines

GAA Defibrillator Guidelines
Issues to consider re AED

Rural Support – Financial Stress

Rural Support for Financial Stress Leaflet

ASAP Policy

Sample Club ASAP Policy

Social Initiative info note

Social Initiative info note

GAA Mental Health Charter

GAA Mental Health Charter

Take 5

Take 5 Leaflet (Five simple actions to help maintain and improve your emotional wellbeing in everyday life.)

Samaritans Contacts

Samaritans Liaison Officer Contact List

Code of Best Practice in GAA

The Gaelic Athletic Association’s Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport has been designed and adopted for the benefit of all who are involved in our games and in other activities promoted at all levels of the Association. The purpose of this Code is to provide realistic and achievable guidance for all units of the GAA in their work with children and young people. This Code will be adopted by Red Hugh’s in a positive manner to help guide us in our work with young people and ensure that we adhere to our legislative responsibilities and the standards required of GAA members. As we strive to implement the key elements of good practice we will complement this work through targeted training at all levels of the Association and continuously evaluate the implementation of the Code. We will deliver upon this aim by working with our Games and Coaching personnel, County Boards, Children’s Officers at Club and County level and with team Managers, Coaches, Mentors, Parents/ Guardians and other Club personnel to ensure that the welfare and safety of young people in the Gaelic Athletic Association will be paramount in all of our work. This work will be supported by the various structures of the Association and in particular by the coordination of such services through our National Children’s Office. A key aspect of this Code will see us engage directly with young people directly in the implementation of the Code to ensure that all of us who participate in any of the Association’s games and activities, understand our shared responsibilities and are in a position to gain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from participation in Gaelic Games. I wish everyone associated with this aspect of our work and all of our units every success in its implementation

Download the code of best practice here


Code of Behaviour

This Code of Behaviour is one section, albeit a vital section, of the Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport, Our Games – Our Code.
The Code of Behaviour addresses the minimum appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct required from our
Young Players, Coaches, Supporters, Parents/Guardians, Referees and Clubs.
The Gaelic Athletic Association, the Camogie Association, Ladies Gaelic Football Association, GAA Handball Ireland and
GAA Rounders of Ireland have endorsed this Code so that it assists those who promote and deliver our Gaelic Games
and assist them in complying with the highest possible standards in our work with children and young people.
Everyone involved in our sports and in our activities should accept the roles and responsibilities that they undertake as
we commit ourselves to maintaining an enjoyable and safe environment for all. The safeguarding of our members will
always be a key priority as we recognise that the welfare of the child is of paramount importance in our work.
This Code should be used in tandem with the overall Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport, Our Games – Our Code, where
roles and responsibilities are outlined in greater detail. It is recommended that Coaches, Parents/Guardians and Players
sign this Code of Behaviour and present the signed document, as a commitment of its implementation, to their Club
Children’s Officer.
Our aim is to ensure that young people and children who play our games receive the best possible care, attention and
protection while participating in our Gaelic Games.
Should a breach of the Code be alleged, or when people may refuse to adhere to the contents of the Code, certain actions
may be deemed necessary and appropriate so as to protect the integrity of our work with children and young people and
also to ensure that they receive the best possible care, attention and protection while participating in our Games.

You can download the official GAA code of behaviour here