Roles needed to be filled

Coach: If you have never got involved in coaching and lack the confidence or feel you don’t have the knowledge /skillset to be a coach. If you have just moved into the area and have been involved in coaching with another club, we will welcome you on board. We can provide you with the necessary courses and training to help you fulfil the role. We hope to have a ratio of 1:5 (1 coach to 5 children). This is the ideal. Within our structure we will have a head coach and assistant coaches. The head coach will be responsible for planning the training sessions and delegate you a role that you are comfortable with where they will meet before sessions.

Register: This role involves being at the club house 20 minutes prior to training session begins and 10 minutes after. You job to maintain a player register which will be provided. You will just need to tick off player attendance and collect the 2 euro.

Photographer: every child (and adult) likes to see their picture in the local press. The club will provide a camera for a volunteer to take photographs of training and match days. If you watch your children’s games and may also have an interest in photography. This may the role for you.

PRO: Our club PRO cannot attend every single match.. If you are attending the games/trainings that your child is playing in and feel you could write a match report. A team list will be provided to you to write your report. This can be then emailed to our club pro Shane McGuire to be shared in local press and club website and facebook page. Email:

Equipment Co-ordinator: During a training session there are vast amounts of gear that is used from cones, poles, goal posts. Your role could be to set out the cones as per illustrated example provided by the coach. Moving and carrying portable goal posts which will free the coaches up to do what they should be doing which is coach football . This allows the coaches to meet prior to training and plan there sessions. This role would mean showing up 20 minutes prior to the training session and match day and 10 minutes at the end.

Linesperson and Umpire on match days: Every club are expected to provide at least one umpire and lineman (or lady). If you feel you would like to help our teams along. Perhaps you could offer your services of you would be attending the games your child is participating in.